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Many types of online casino games are available online, including blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, and baccarat. Other games include keno and scratch cards. Several casinos even offer live dealer games with real dealers in a virtual environment that allows players to interact with them through chat or webcam.

The best casinos will feature games from many different software providers, ensuring that players will always have access to the latest and most exciting games. They also provide ongoing promotions for their players and bonuses that can be used to play games with additional funds.


Blackjack is a game of luck and skill, so you must learn the basic strategy to win more money.

Basic Strategy

Always split Aces and 8s. Never hit on a pair of 7s, 8s, or 9s. Always draw to 16 against a dealer upcard of 6 or less.

If you get dealt some good cards in blackjack, don’t forget that the object is to beat the dealer, not your friends. It is important to keep the money in front of you and play it smartly, despite other casino players. It’s also advisable to only put the minimum amount of bets before each draw (or hit).

When to Hit, Stand and Split

Hit on Hard 16 against an Ace (A), 2-6 (H), or 10-J (H). It’s better than hitting on hard 15 against a 10 (H) or Ace (A). It is better to hit than stand when you have a hard 15 against an 8-9 because the dealer only has a 3% advantage over you. Always split Aces and 8s. Hit on soft 17 against a 9-10 — if the dealer’s up-card is not an Ace. On soft 19, always split 8s against a dealer A or 2 (2 hands of 9 each). Hard 18 against any dealer card except 10 (A) — hold on to your hard 18 if you are trying to bust the dealer. Always draw on soft 17 against a 7-9. Hit on soft 17 against a 10 (H) or Ace (A). When the dealer’s upcard is an 8, always hit if you have 16 or better. Always split Aces and 8s. Always draw to 16 against a dealer upcard of 6 or less.


Roulette is known for its fast-paced action, high stakes, and great payouts. There are many versions to choose from in the casino. The French version is a favorite because it offers bigger payouts than other European versions. Still, there’s also an American roulette available for players who prefer a more modern approach to the game.

It’s perfect for all kinds of players, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the world of casino gambling. The low house edge and high payout rates mean that any player can win big.


Roulette is a simple game to play and requires no special skills. The player has to place their bet on any 37 numbers, colors, or even areas on the table. Then they turn over a spinning wheel with 36 numbered pockets and wait for it to land at their predicted number. If the ball lands in your selected pocket, you win.

There are some additional rules to keep in mind which apply to specific versions of roulette. Still, generally speaking, it’s a game where betting is done on numbers, and predicting the outcome is as simple as guessing what number will come up next!

Online Slots

Slot machines come in many forms and are offered at most online casinos such as The traditional mechanical slot machine is still found in many casinos. However, with computerized gaming, video slots have become very popular and much more complicated than their predecessors.


The number of reels varies from one machine to the next. The most common type has three reels with five symbols on each reel, but some have up to nine reels. The number of symbols that can be displayed on a single reel is also variable. Some have only two or four, while others have up to ten symbols.


Slots usually have two types of symbols, the wild symbol, and the scatter symbol. Wild symbols are the same as the regular symbols, except they will substitute for any other symbol on a reel to complete a winning combination.

Scatter symbols are randomly placed in online slots that do not affect their own, but if three or more appear anywhere on the reels, they will launch a special feature that is usually a free spins round. The number of functions or features that can be triggered varies from one machine to the next.

Paylines and winning combinations

The number and winning combinations vary from machine to machine. Slot machines with five reels have a maximum theoretical payout percentage of up to approximately 95 percent (depending on the casino). In comparison, those with three reels only have a maximum theoretical payout percentage of 89 percent.

The pay lines are the horizontal lines across which you must get identical symbols to win. Some machines will have one single line, while others will have five or more lines. The number of possible winning combinations is the total number of ways that all these lines can be formed using different symbols.

The size of the jackpot varies according to the machine (and which gambling site you’re playing on), but it is almost always in proportion to the number of pay lines. The more lines there are, the greater chance you have for a big payout!

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